Last Week’s Summary 12-27-15

    The previous week has been very difficult week for her. It had lasted an eternity and she thought it would never end. she had tried to get an order of protection, but the clerk’s office is closed until tomorrow. And this is how her week of eternity went…
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Daddy Day

Today rose needed her Daddy. Probably not her real Daddy, but her Dom Daddy. she wrote him a letter about how she misbehaved today (here). she didn’t have a conscience about the small things that get her into trouble. Well, to her it was small, she doesn’t know how bad she is until her Daddy/Sir tells her.

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her Version of Self Care- Coffee and Fasting

November 7th-
she was awake early and unable to sleep as she’d slept alot the previous night due to her punishment. she wasn’t supposed to get out of bed until 7am, but she needed to be up.

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